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Registration Steps - Important


Below are steps that you need to complete in order prepare yourself in earning cash as well as withdraw any earnings you've made from Studiotraffic each and every month.


1) The first step you need to do is register for an account at

Click on Register Now It's Free. This will allow you to  participate so you can earn cash daily.
Please fill the form with the valid and real information as we need to verify your account. Your information is secure with us.

Make sure you register under me and I'll be your sponsor, because I can help you to autosurf a websites soon if you don't have a time to surf the websites everyday. By doing this not only I will help you to surf, you also will earn daily earning of your account level and a credit. To make sure i'm your sponsor, simply click here. Or make sure the Referral Id on the registration form is 647085 and the Referral Username is endlessnameless
You can ask me what you didn't understand. I'll explain to you till you don't have any question to ask. I also will give you more information on how to earn more money faster and lots of helps on how to success.


2) After registering, go here to speak with a live operator and ask for a manual activation on the spot. Doing this will bypass the 24-48 hour normal waiting period for accounts activation.

3) The last step regarding ST is to read my basic guide so you can familiarize yourself with how to log in and surf.

This is everything you need to start earning cash from Studiotraffic. I would also advise that you visit the forums page to learn more about the company. The more knowledge you have the more you will understand am I right? It's a basic yet important principle don't you think? Our forum is a great place to see what those who are involved in Studiotraffic think of us.Over 700 post, every day.

If you don’t receive your activation email:
You should go to the
Live Help Desk, located on the main StudioTraffic page. An operator there can activate your account for you.




4) Studiopay is Studiotraffics own online payment processor similar to Paypal. In order to withdraw your earnings you must register a studiopay account here You won't get paid without one.


5) Your SP account must be verified in order to withdraw your earnings. Verifying your account allows them to know exactly who they are sending their money to and prevents fraud. Three documents are required when verifying your account. To find out what documents are needed by Studiopay, click here.

Steps 1-5 are the most important steps regarding Studiotraffic. It is important that you get this done as soon as possible to prevent possible delays. Every 1st of every month your earnings are made ready for upgrading or withdrawal. The decision is up to you. If you like to withdraw but are not sure how to do so, continue reading below.



Withdrawals | Charts

6) In order to withdraw you will need a minimum account level of $100 and a balance of $5 in your account balance. Click here to view a PDF file with pictures on how to request a withdrawal every month.

It is wise to make a plan regarding any finances. Without one you will most likely make a mistake which can cost you time and money. The following link contains an excel calculator that will allow you to calculate your possible earnings as well as how long it will take to reach there.

Those of you who don't have microsoft excel can check out some sample charts here to see how much you can make.

If you have any other questions regarding this company, feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Good luck and Happy surfing everyone.


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