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StudioTraffic going to change your life! It is is the "easiest" way I have ever seen to make money and advertise your other business opportunities at the same time. StudioTraffic is not just about making more money. It also improves peoples lives. Its about community that cares about others.

re you making any money while surfing the internet on your computer? Would you believe me if I told you that you can make $6,00
0 or more a month doing so? Most likely you wouldn't believe me just like I didn't believe it myself the first time I heard about this company from my sponsor.
I gave it a shot because I had nothing to lose since I can join
StudioTraffic for free. As a member I got a taste of how ST works. I did my research by googling online and after a month - I came to the conclusion that this company is the real deal and something I can do. Like rest of the world, we are on the net at least an hour a day doing what we like to do. These things can be chat, researching facts for school, playing games, etc.

It's time to get paid for using our computers. I'm doing it - shouldn't you.

We have one of the longest running programs on the net.
And, Studiotraffic chomps even deeper into the notion that you are alone on your path to earning money on the internet.

Come and join us and take a bite of our cash. We give you $10.00 just to join. You don't have to pay any money for joining. All you have to do is autosurfing and no other thing you have to do when you become our member.



What Is Studio Traffic

StudioTraffic is an advertising site that allows it's members to make money from watching the advertisement surf rotation. StudioTraffic currently has over 360,000 members and growing daily. It is ranked in the top 3, right after Google and AOL in getting referrals. It is an awesome place to advertise your websites because thousands of members are using "SurfSTV" at any given time throughout the day.

They have several other business such as StudioPay, StudioRocks, StudioShopper, StudioHug, StudioBlogger, StudioHolidays, StudioWalker, and many more Studio program to come in the near future. All of this Studio program bring StudioTraffic a lot of revenue to pay their members and to expand it's program world wide.

They've been in business for more than 2 years and never have they missed a payment to anyone EVER!!! Every single member, large or small, are paid on time every month. You can make more than $200 a day (click
here for sample charts) without ever having to recruit anyone, advertise, or sell anything (although you do get paid more if you refer others). Studiotraffic will give you $10 towards your account when you join so you can earn money right away. Check out my basic guide for more details on how ST works.

You can earn more than USD $200/day. I'm sure you heard similar promotions but let me point out a few simple facts that make Studiotraffic stand out from the competition:
- aprox. 1000 people joining every day
- two years of payments on time every time like a swiss clock
- own payment processor StudioPay
- withdraw your earnings with StudioPay Debit Card from any ATM with VISA logo
- own radio station StudioRocks (you can win a recording contract worth $60,000)
- start your own internet based business with StudioWalker (web design, hosting, scripts and a lot more)
- safe autosurf (no viruses because you will be surfing images and not websites)
- we also have many competition on our forum and we will give a prize such as free account upgrade.
- getting bigger and now have 8 servers to manage StudioTraffic.


Can I Add My Own Money?

Sure you can. The decision on how much you want to put in depends on your comfort level. The range in the amount you can put in is $10 to $20,000 - Maximum level of $20,000 per account up to 4 accounts. You are paid 1% of your account level daily when you earn 100 credits through surfing (takes about an hour or less and is very easy to do). That is a 365% return if you surf everyday for a whole year. In just 6 months you can double your money! Microsoft stocks were pennies back before it became popular and a lot of people missed out on it because they didn't want to take the chance on something they never heard about. Look at them now.

Studiotraffic is the next big wave, don't miss out on your chance. Join today by clicking on the banner below. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.


Even if you did it the slowest way (joining for free and simply compounding your earnings).. You would reach the max account level of $20,000 in just under 2 and a half years! You'll make about $6,000 a month!
$6,000 per month still not enough for you? Well, you can have up to 4 accounts.
Can you say that about your current job?


Take some time to look over other details by clicking on the tabs at the top of this page. It can only help you if you do. Also, if you like to know exactly what it is you need to earn and then withdraw money from them then I suggest you click on the registration tab at top and follow steps 1 thru 5. Good luck with your research!





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